Saturday, November 14, 2009

Photo Shoot

The day before I chopped my hair I decided to dress everyone up and head out for our first family photo shoot. My dear friend Nikki of Nikki B Photography came out and took some great shots of the boys. I was nervous...three boys looking in the same direction is quite a challenge! Here are some shots...she's so talented!

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween Fun!

We had so much fun Trick or Treating this year. Creed and I were both under the weather, so we took a quick family pic (below) and headed to the first few houses. I then headed home with my tired, stuffed-up little Superman and let him sleep in his fun little costume. The boys had a blast!

Family Photo

We T or T with our neighbors each year. Emily prepared Mummy Hotdogs while I made Kitty Litter Cake and a Witch's Brew. Fun!

Boys annual photo by the carved pumpkins! ;)

Here's Creed's attempt at Trick or Treating. I don't know if you can tell, but that's his little red cape. I persuaded him to finally walk up to the first house (the boys were already ringing the doorbell), and he just plowed right through the boys and kept on walking - right into the lady's house! Down the hall into the living room...made himself right at home!

Here he is being retrieved by Jonah (hand with the blue sleeve). Poor guy, he had no idea what was going on!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Fun with Mycah and Cali

We were able to visit the McClendons (Cory and Michelle) and their two little ones Mycah (11 days younger than Jonah) and Cali (a year younger than Creed). Rusty and Cory were at work, and Carson was at school, so it was just Michelle and I and the little ones. I wish I could report to you that Cali is the sweetest thing to hold - but I wouldn't know! Creed was in high gear the entire time we were there. I never got my hands on sweet Cali! I will next time though...

Here's a pic of Mycah and Jonah together. They played so well - it didn't matter if they were playing with princesses or pirates, they were happy to be together! Two peas in a pod!

Monday, October 26, 2009


I surprised the boys this evening by turning down the wrong street when we left Jonah's practice. We typically rush to AWANA at church straight from practice. Instead, I turned back towards our house. They were so confused! Our friends Brian and Tammy Smith invited us to FBCAllen's Fall Festival. It was a special treat for the boys as our church's fall festival is always on Halloween night, and we like to Trick or Treat in lieu of going to it. Here are some pics from the fun filled night!

Here's our attempt to get a pic of all 3 boys as we arrived. It was like pulling teeth to get Carson and Jonah to stand still for a pic. They were so ready to hit the bounce houses!

Jonah, Caden G., Carson, Laken, Ian, Caden S. and Landon Too cute!

Batman had a blast!

Inside the church they had toddler games set up. I finally let Creed out of his stroller. He's going to be a little athlete as well I think! Here he is at 14 months dribbling the soccer ball down to the goal and scoring!

If only he were 3 feet taller...

Creed-O on the go!

As soon as the back door opens, Creed puts it into high gear. Usually he heads straight for the playset where he climbs up into the club house and slides down the slide (feet first) on his tummy. It keeps him entertained for hours, but it's dangerous (and very scary for Mom), so you have to follow him around as he climbs and slides, climbs and slides, etc.

Yesterday when the door opened he tried to take off the opposite direction of the playset. I was busy in the kitchen and couldn't stay outside, so I grabbed him and brought him in with me. After dinner, I let him go outside and took the camera to document what he's been up to. Let's just say we should have named him Monkey. What 14 month old does this?!?!

Hi Mom!
Follow me...

We'll just give this the 'ole college try...

almost there...

try again...

Yes! Now if I could just get my leg out from between the springs!

Wanna jump Mom?

The best part? The finale - the famous crooked grin. Sometimes he slides it to the right, sometimes the left. Depends on what mood he's in. We love him! Thank you God for our sweet baby boy.
Note the puke on his shirt. I guess all of that pressure from the trampoline was hard on his little tummy. :(

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dad's Home!

Rusty flew in Sunday afternoon from Vancouver. Poor guy, he worked 85 hours last week alone! I sent him with the camera and when he came home and I looked through the camera, there were only pics from his office window. :( The view wasn't bad, but I know he would have enjoyed sight seeing a bit while he was there.

When he got in Sunday we enjoyed a few minutes with Granny and Aunt Debbie before they left (a big THANK YOU to Granny and Deb for helping Saturday and Sunday!) and then we had a fun game of soccer in the backyard, swing time on the playground and a walk around the neighborhood. We returned to find our pumpkins ready to be the boys got right to work!

Rusty heads back to Vancouver Tuesday morning. He's going to try and be home for Halloween though!
View from the E&Y office in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Pumpkin Carving with Dad!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Slumber Parties!

Thanks to our dear friends JD and Christy Smitherman, Carson and Jonah were able to play at their home Friday afternoon so that I could spend some time with Creed and conquer the weekly grocery shopping. Rusty found out that he will fly home Sunday, and return to Vancouver Tuesday morning.
As night grew near on Friday, Christy suggested we let Carson spend the night over there, and Eli at our house (Eli is 3). What a treat! I know this may sound funny, but it was sooooo much easier being able to mix things up a bit! Eli and Jonah are good buddies and no one was scared or in need of Mommy late at night, so all was well! Here are some pics...

Eli and Jonah enjoying some Arthur before bed time.

Eli S. at the game Saturday morning - just taking it all in.
Carson dressing up in his buddy Cade Smitherman's football gear!